Saturday, August 21, 2010

Now Available: The Artist's Version!

The Million Chair Project Artist's Version Chair
So I just got my plastic cases back from the manufacturer's, so I thought I would put these out there.  Here are the "Artist's Version Chair" for the project.  These are Chairs that you purchase that I will personally assemble, sign and seal in an 1/8" thick clear acrylic box for display.  The box is 3.75"W x 2.25"D x 1.25"H and will make a great conversation piece. I will even print your "Interesting Thing" on the bottom of the card so you will always know what you contributed.

The Artist's Version Chair is only $10USD with FREE SHIPPING.  

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The Chair

So this is what it's all about. That's the card. The black around the chair is actually void, but that's harder to show on a scan. It measures 3.5"x2" and weighs less than an ounce. For the first 20,000 or so the card will have the addition of the Million Chair Project sticker, whereas the rest it will be printed.

As for assembly, you can see around the outer edge of the card there is some pretty tiny type. Those are the instructions. It's fairly straightforward, and soon I will post a "How-to" video showing the process.

Friday, July 23, 2010

This is the beginning

Today I decided to start a project, or a journey, or both. For the last couple of years I have been rolling this idea around in my head to create a project for myself that at first glance seemed impossible, but with some hard work, time and many new friends, I would eventually accomplish.

Back in 2002, I created my very first product, Pop-Out Furniture. It was (and still is), laser die-cut scale paper furniture. It was meant for scenic designers and model builders who didn't want to shell out a fortune for plastic furniture, but still wanted period style furniture that was actually scale, in their models. It is a good product, but a product that has a very limited market.

The one great thing that came out of my Pop-Out Furniture experiences was my business card. Sounds weird, I know, but the card was unique. It was a chair. A 1/4" scale Late Victorian chair made of cardstock that you could actually cut out of the card and assemble. At trade shows I must have given away thousands, each time chanting "It's a chair. The instructions on how to put it together are written around the outside edge of the card." People loved it. It was different. It was unique. It had Paul Pape written all over it.

Cut to 2008, and I have a box full of unused cards and can't seem to throw them out. The information on them is now obsolete, so as business cards they are trash. But my head said "Hang onto those, maybe we can come up with something." Yes, my inner monologue talks to me as if I am a different person. It's the only way to run a one-man operation without going crazy.

Since the inception of Pop-Out furniture I have become a full-time self-employed designer who has a successful online business, a web presence, and a family. And a big box of chairs. Almost twenty thousand of them. Could I sell them? Could I sell a million of them? A million chairs?

And that's when it hit me. A million chairs. That's a lot. Almost insurmountable. But it's also just a 3.5" x 2" piece of cardstock. So my head says "Do it. Try to sell a million chairs." And that's how The Million Chair Project got it's start.

But who would want a chair? Why would anyone want to buy a 1/4" scale Late Victorian paper chair from me anyhow? So I sat on it some more (pun intended). Then, as it always seems to happen to me, I was lying in bed talking with my wife when I started spouting off what the project is all about. And like a medium channeling a spirit from beyond, my mouth started to explain to me exactly what this project is and what it's about.

It's about people, not chairs.

In theatre we have a saying "It's all about putting butts in seats.". That's what I want to do, give a million people a place in my theatre of life. And I want to know something about each of those people. And I believe that others would also like to know.

So starting August first, I will begin my quest to sell a Million Chairs. Each for a dollar. I will sell them through this site, or in person. Every chair will be numbered, and each number will refer to the person who bought the chair. Everyone who buys a chair, either in person or from this site, will be able to post something about themselves. I will read every one of them. The interesting ones will be posted via twitter (follow @millionchairs if you are interested). They will also be updated live here.

So what's the motivation to buy? Well, every 50,000 chair sold I will personally deliver it. No matter where in the world you may live, I will bring you the chair. And, since I am making the effort to drop off a chair, why not make it a special chair? So it will be a gold-plated chair (business card). So your dollar will actually buy you a chair worth around $150-$200. Plus, I'll record the whole visit and post it on this blog.

And the millionth chair? That one will be solid gold. And thicker than a business card. It will be worth a rough estimate of $7000-$10,000. For a buck.

But if you aren't a 50,000th chair purchaser, I'm not leaving you out in the cold. If your comment about yourself is interesting, and I feel I must know more, I'll contact you for an interview. That way, I can introduce the people I think are interesting to the rest of the net.

And lastly, you can get more than one chair, if you want. They will be sequentially numbered, and no matter the quantity, it will only cost $0.50 to ship if you buy on the web, or free if you get it in person. There is also a special "artist's version" which I will assemble, and place in a UV resistant clear display case and ship to you for only $10 shipping included. So enough rambling, let's get this party started.